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It’s your height, how you look, and obviously your pay check. For instance, to start with, this site does not bother to ask you about your weight, height, occupation, your father’s profession, your mother’s profession, etc etc.

Other, less conventional elements may include your sun and moon signs, your cast, religion, your family’s income and so on and on. It gets straight to the point – making friends – because that’s the base of any successful and lasting relationship.

Members can perform detailed searches of thousands of quality photo profiles.

Singles communicate via email, live chat, and quick messaging.

Fropper Indian Dating is a fun Indian dating website with a bounty of community features to help you feel at home.

You can talk to people from around the world, with more than 4 million profiles on the site.

- A new zone theme, hugs, kisses and lots of prizes!

dating site specifically for singles who are seeking those who share their Christian faith.

Create a blog, participate in a discussion, buzz up somebody, and flaunt your photographs. Finally, when all falls into place and you are ready to take the call, may be you could visit the same person’s (rather dull) profile at, with which Fropper has a neat tie-up. You can start a discussion thread on virtually any topic here as long as it is not obscene or abusive.

To quote from the site, the very definition and philosophy behind Fropper is as follows: “Fropper, short for friend hopper, extends the philosophy — beautiful relationships begin with friendship — and is your destination for building, maintaining & enjoying meaningful relationships. (oh, and don’t talk in programming language, please.) Now, though you can chatter away about just about anything under the sun here, we suggest, treat this particular kind of blogosphere as a space where the real you comes out. It’s your journal alright, but this is gonna be read by others, and potentially by your life partner. You don’t want to sound too frivolous, neither too serious. In a nutshell, you will do great in Fropposphere if you have the gift of the gab.

Be it a platonic relation, a loving relationship, a marriage or business networking, Fropper hopes to empower, enrich & enable you to make your world more beautiful.” Crux of the story – Leverage the snow-balling features of social networking and make friendship before you tie the knot. A quick look at Fropper’s layout and you know that the thing is designed to be social. Remember those good ole’ journos, or log-books you used to maintain? Your blog, your presence in the forum, or just your plain dashing looks and impressive socio-cultural status, or a combination of all of these together may create a situation where someone may decide to chat with you.

Christian offers a free 10 day trial whereby users can post a profile with full email in 1998, Caffmos now offers a well established community for the older, more mature gay male to make contact and form new friendships with other like minded men from around the globe within a safe and secure environment.t, holistic health and consciousness in general.

Includes detailed profiles with in-depth essays and videos of members, compatibility and intimacy matching, live chat, instant messaging and much more!