Rockband user updating

HTC announced the Vive tracker at CES 2017 along with a variety of specialty peripherals such as rifles, pistols, and even a firehose—and those trackers pave the way for ideas such as full-body awareness systems and trackable pet harnesses.

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Once a new user code is generated, it can be entered on any device to bring up your data.Display settings and user codes are all stored in cookies on your device so everything should be right where you left off when you come back to the page later. The code can be a user code or a share code and will behave just as if you typed the code into the user code dialog. Note: This form is anonymous, so if you want me to contact you, you'll have to put contact information in your text.Note, however, that even if you log in with a user code, RBDB will replace the user code with the share code in the URL (if you're streaming video or sharing your screen, you wouldn't want to inadvertantly give away your master code, after all! Based on what's in the URL and what's in the cookies RBDB tries to be smart about which code it should load, so if you are logged in with a master code and come back to the page with your share code in the URL you should still be good to go. When having groups over to play Rockband, I always found it inconventient that people couldn't browse songs while others were playing.Creating a user code allows you to store your own track information: owned, wanted, or favorite and to flag tracks (which is great for picking setlists outside of the game).It also allows you to create a custom page title underneath the page logo.