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Former Go Daddy employee Brad Cook, was one of the first to report on the loss of email and ticket support.

Cook documented his effort in a You Tube video showing the drawbacks of the live support option. Unfortunately, his wait was for nothing, “I had to rush into the other room as my son was getting sick right around the time my turn in line came up and I ended up missing my opportunity to chat after this long wait.” On the afternoon of March 30th, I performed an experiment.

Feel free to chat with us at any time to discuss your specific live chat needs. There are no limits to the number of agents that you can share a site with.

Currently we generate revenue by providing live answering services for a select group of customers - though to use the software yourself is completely free, with no limits at all on the number of Agents, Chat Volumes or sites that you can add widgets to. is an Agent Centric chat application, which means every agent has their own account and you can share 'sites'.

Nick Fuller, a Go Daddy representative explained that email consistently finished last as far as their customers’ preferred method of help.

After reviewing customer behavior and satisfaction scores we decided we could better serve people in ways they were telling us work better for them. Email is not instantaneous and in fact many in the industry are putting an end to their email service as well because fewer than half of tech customers believe their problem can be solved by email – it’s sort of going the way of the cassette tape.

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