Chart updating manual

If you download new plugin version from Code Canyon please follow these steps to update from the existing version: 1.

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On the image at the left you can see the look of the Purchase Code input field from the plugin’s settings page where you should add your Purchase Code if you want to enable automatic update. For more info on import options, head over to this article. Please note that if you don’t want to break your existing charts built on this dataset, do not change the data source structure (add/remove/rename columns).You can update your dataset built on a file by URL manually, or you can set automatic updates.Final release dates for individual airports are also subject to change due to potential upcoming revision activities. Jeppesen publishes Landing and Take-off Minimums on Approach and Airport charts.The following documents are intended to give some background information about the AOM concepts which are used by Jeppesen or the State Authorities to determine Aerodrome Operating Minimums.