Solidworks cut list not updating

In order to upgrade your version to Service Pack 5, close Sigma NEST after you start the Live Update process.

We are proud to introduce our new and improved HD nesting strategies in SP4 and SP5.

Automatically generate unique number for cut-list items.

Hello Fuzor Users, For this update we are releasing a Beta prototype of Solidworks !

As well we are adding a new mode to our VR experience. In this mode users will be able to scale down the size of the entire model down to the size of an apple and anything in between !

One of the things attendees of Solid Works World always look forward to is the Wednesday General Session which is normally the day where we get a Sneak Peek of the next version of Solid Works.

solidworks cut list not updating-41

In the tutorial video above, we use a lag bolt as an example.

Copy properties of the cut-list item as part/drawing custom properties.

Cut list item is automatically updated on save operations. Automatically insert various custom properties to weldment cut-list item.

On September 16, 2015, the Sigma NEST Software Development Team released the newest version of Sigma NEST: 10.2 Service Pack 5.

We’re delighted to offer new features and improved functionality in this latest release and hope you’ll read through the following to see what we’ve been working on here at Sigma NEST.